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Raimo & Gallagher, PC is an established Manchester, New Hampshire Law Firm with a long history of excellent service to clients. The attorneys at Raimo & Gallagher have been representing individuals throughout New Hampshire for over 30 years.


Our attorneys practice·in all New Hampshire Courts, before various Administrative Agencies, and in Alternative Dispute Resolutions proceedings.


Hard work, extensive experience, and litigation skills build strong relationships with our clients and are the foundation to our business. We know, respect and care about our clients. We live and invest in the communities in which we work, and maintain an energetic passion for the practice of law.







Attorney Raimo is renowned as the most effective DWI defense lawyer in the State of New Hampshire.



In the area of Family Practice, Attorney Gallagher's experience and pragmatic approach proves invaluable as he represents individuals in times of family crisis.



In the area of Criminal Defense, Attorney Raimo and Attorney Gallagher represent criminal defendants in matters ranging from homicide to serious traffic violations.



The attorneys at Raimo & Gallagher, PC are experienced, responsive to the needs of their clients, and successful in negotiating fair settlements or litigating to favorable judgments.·


Raimo & Gallagher, PC combine legal excellence with creative thinking and quality client service. They construct innovative and winning strategies for their clients.


All clients are provided individual, senior-level attention and cost-effective service. Raimo & Gallagher, PC creates efficiency without sacrificing results and accomplish this through cost - effective allocation of resources and people.


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